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About us

RescuedMe is looking for loving, committed families willing to learn about proper animal care. We screen and counsel qualifying adoptive families for the following requirements: 


  • Provides nutritious meals

  • Takes regular walks and visits to dog parks

  • Attends training for both dog and family


When adopting a dog to a family we strive for 100% perfection (or close to it)! We screen each applicant through an application process, check references, and do home checks. Our goal is to perfectly match each dog with its most compatible owner. We also work with the dog to ensure it is ready for its' new home.


We are committed to getting the animal whole before placing it with its' new family. Each of our dogs is given enough time to recuperate in a foster home and then it is given basic obedience so that it has every chance to succeed. 


We also require a lot from the families adopting our dogs. They must have not only personal references and a vet, but must be willing to visit with a trainer to ensure that the transition from faster home to permanent home goes as smooth as possible. 



Volunteering for RescuedMe

by fostering will likely be a 

life-altering experience. Providing a safe haven 

a dog that has likely been abused or neglected will enrich your understanding of many things. Most of all, what it means to feel love.


Each dog will have different requirements for care. If you are inclined to share your home with an animal who needs you, please email for more information. 


Here is a brief description of what is involved: 

  • Feeding

  • Regular walks

  • Basic training

  • Providing a warm, dry place for the animal to sleep



​We rescue dogs that otherwise have no hope of survival. By rehabilitating and placing these animals in loving homes, we strive towards educating the public in a variety of ways as well as uniting new companions, people and animals alike.



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